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Campaign Finance

Campaign Finance

Campaign Finance Cases and Actions

CLC is advocating in favor of state laws requiring that presidential electors follow the popular vote in their state.

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CLC has sued the Federal Election Commission for its more than four-year delay in enforcing a federal prohibition on candidates establishing or operating super PACs as “slush funds” for their campaigns. The lawsuit is based on a FEC complaint CLC filed asserting that the 2016 campaign of then-presidential candidate John Elias “Jeb” Bush violated this law by setting up Right to Rise Super PAC, which subsequently spent over $86 million to support his election.

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CLC sued the Federal Election Commission for its failure to enforce transparency laws, as billions of dollars are being spent in secret on Facebook election ads. Voters have a right to know who is spending money to influence their vote so they can be informed when weighing their credibility.

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Every eligible citizen should have a voice in our democracy, not just the wealthy few.
CLC Provides Guidance at the State and Local Level
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CLC works on the ground in cities and states fighting for a better democracy. We serve as an expert resource to citizen organizations working to improve democracy in their own neighborhoods. CLC provides model legislation, model ballot initiatives and specific expert guidance to help ensure that local reform measures are effective and will stand up in the courts.

CLC Tackles Foreign Interference in U.S. Elections
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Partisan disputes over whether foreign meddling in 2016 impacted election results are not productive. Rather, we must devote national resources to addressing the host of vulnerabilities that the 2016 election exposed, or they will be further exploited in elections to come. Congress and the Federal Election Commission should take steps now to protect our democratic process, such as requiring identification of online political advertisers and updating 40-year-old disclosure laws by passing the bipartisan Honest Ads Act. 

CLC Poll Finds Voters Want Campaign Finance Laws Enforced
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CLC commissioned two bipartisan polls of that confirm voters are deeply concerned about “corruption in the political system” and want the FEC to take a more active role in enforcing campaign finance laws.

CLC Watchdogs the White House
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In July 2018, CLC uncovered how the Soviet-born associates of Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani laundered six-figure contributions to President Trump’s super PAC through a shell corporation. Our campaign finance complaint resulted in the October 2019 arrest of the two suspects.

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