About CLC

Campaign Legal Center (CLC) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C. CLC holds candidates and government officials accountable regardless of political affiliation.

CLC was founded in 2002 by Trevor Potter, former Chairman of the Federal Election Commission. Our work today is more critical than ever as we fight the current threats to our democracy in the areas of campaign finance, voting rights, redistricting and ethics.

What we do  

We develop solutions that enhance our democracy. 

CLC works with state and local governments, Congress, national organizations and grassroots advocates to draft model legislation and offer legal advice on how to pass the most effective and sound laws and regulations. 

We demand enforcement of the laws protecting our democracy.

CLC serves as a watchdog, applying pressure to governmental agencies that fail to enforce campaign finance laws and voting protections.

We defend and advance democracy in court. 

CLC's lawyers litigate cases across the nation protecting voting rights, fighting unconstitutional gerrymandering and defending against attacks on campaign finance and disclosure laws.

We disseminate education materials highlighting ongoing threats to our democracy. 

CLC issues reports, fact sheets and other materials to educate reporters, partner organizations and the general public about current laws protecting our democracy and any threats to these laws.


Through litigation, policy analysis and public education, CLC works as a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization to protect and strengthen the U.S. democratic process across all levels of government.


CLC seeks a future in which the American political process is accessible to all citizens, resulting in representative, responsive and accountable government.


CLC has staff of dedicated lawyers, policy experts and communicators based in Washington, D.C., and Chicago. Our experts are quoted regularly in the media, and our litigators have been part of every landmark democracy case since our founding.

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Board of Trustees and Advisors

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Careers and Internships

CLC is an equal opportunity employer, which welcomes qualified applicants of all races, ethnicities, physical abilities, genders and sexual orientations. CLC offers competitive salaries and excellent benefits.

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Donations from individuals and foundations to Campaign Legal Center  — a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan organization — make possible our work in campaign finance, voting rights, redistricting and government ethics. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Given our commitment to transparency and accountability, CLC discloses all donations of $200 or greater within the past two years. We update the list on a monthly basis. We are grateful to the individual and institutional donors who have supported our work over the past two years. 

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Campaign Legal Center is pleased to share with you our financial records. 

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Our History and Impact

Since 2002, CLC has been advancing democracy through law. 

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