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Voters have a right to know which wealthy special interests are spending big money to secretly influence our vote and our government to rig the political system in their favor.
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Recent Campaign Finance Cases and Actions

CLC has joined a case defending a City of San Francisco disclosure law that requires certain campaign ads to include disclaimers listing the ad’s sponsor and the sponsor’s top contributors, enacted through referendum to ensure city voters receive immediate information about who is financing the election messages they see.

Status Active

CLC has joined a case defending a Wyoming law requiring political groups to disclose their “electioneering communications” in state elections — including the contributors who funded their campaign ads — to protect voters’ right to know which special interests are attempting to influence their votes and enable them to make informed decisions at the polls. 

Status Active

CLC has sued the FEC for its dismissal of CLC’s July 2020 administrative complaint alleging that then-President Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign committee (and an associated joint fundraising committee) violated federal campaign finance transparency requirements by routing hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign spending through intermediaries without disclosing the ultimate payees. 

Status Active
Government contractors are banned from making political contributions

CLC's work to ensure this protection against pay-to-play is enforced

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