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Voters have a right to know which wealthy special interests are spending big money to secretly influence our vote and our government to rig the political system in their favor.
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Recent Campaign Finance Cases and Actions

OpenSecrets and Campaign Legal Center filed suit against the FEC after it failed to respond to their Petition to promulgate new disclosure rules for “special-purpose” accounts maintained by national political party committees. CLC and OpenSecrets sued to force the FEC to do its job and ensure full transparency of the funds flowing into and out of these supercharged party accounts.

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Meta Platforms, Inc. has challenged a Washington state law requiring online platforms to provide information to the public about the funding and targeting of political ads run on their platforms. CLC is supporting the state of Washington in its defense of this disclosure law. 

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End Citizens United PAC (ECU), represented by Campaign Legal Center Action (CLCA), filed suit against the FEC after the agency dismissed a complaint alleging the Trump campaign illegally solicited unlimited contributions to a super PAC. ECU sued to force the FEC to do its job and hold the campaign accountable.

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Mar 23

Is the FEC Ready for 2024?

Before the 2024 election gets going in earnest, campaign finance experts from Campaign Legal Center and Brennan Center for Justice examine the current state of the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

Thursday, March 23rd, 2023

ET • Virtual

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Feb 17

Redboxing 101: How Campaigns & Super PACs Openly Undermine Democracy

Video of Campaign Legal Center's virtual event, "Redboxing 101: How Campaigns & Super PACs Openly Undermine Democracy." This event was held on February 17, 2023 and featured panelist discussion of the issue of redboxing and its impact on federal, state and local elections. 

Friday, February 17th, 2023

ET • Virtual

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