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Voters have a right to know which wealthy special interests are spending big money to secretly influence our vote and our government to rig the political system in their favor.
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Recent Campaign Finance Cases and Actions

Campaign Legal Center Action sued the Federal Election Commission on behalf of End Citizens United after the FEC dismissed ECU’s administrative complaints alleging inappropriate coordination between then-Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, and a super PAC, New Republican, among other campaign finance violations.

Status Active

Campaign Legal Center (CLC) and Democracy 21 have sued the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for its dismissal of their complaints alleging that former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Right to Rise Super PAC violated a provision of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (BCRA) that prohibits federal candidates from “establishing, financing, maintaining or controlling” an entity that raises or spends unregulated funds outside of the federal contribution limits and source restrictions.

Status Active

Campaign Legal Center Action has sued the FEC on behalf of Common Cause Georgia and its Executive Director, Treaunna C. Dennis, for the FEC’s dismissal of an administrative complaint detailing illegal and undisclosed contributions during the 2021 runoff election in Georgia. The March 2021 administrative complaint alleged that election-related activities by the nonprofit corporation True the Vote constituted prohibited corporate in-kind contributions to the Georgia Republican Party because its activities were undertaken in coordination and partnership with the party but were neither paid for nor disclosed, in violation of federal campaign finance law.

Status Active
Government contractors are banned from making political contributions

CLC's work to ensure this protection against pay-to-play is enforced

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