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In a victory for voters and public transparency, a federal judge has ordered the Texas Secretary of State to release records about a state program that claims to identify non-U.S. citizens on the voter rolls.
Today, the U.S. Senate Committee on Rules and Administration is set to hold a hearing on updating the Electoral Count Act today and later on, CLC's Adav Noti will participate in a press briefing on this critical piece of legislation.
The complaint alleges that WinRed has violated campaign finance laws by not completely and accurately reporting its expenses and asks the Federal Election Commission to investigate to set the record straight.
Meet the Experts
Portrait of Trevor Potter
Paul Smith
Senior Vice President
Blair Bowie
Senior Legal Counsel and Restore Your Vote Manager
Portrait of Erin Chlopak
Senior Director, Campaign Finance
Jonathan Diaz
Senior Legal Counsel, Voting Rights
Mark Gaber
Senior Director, Redistricting
Annabelle Harless
Senior Legal Counsel, Redistricting
Portrait of Catie Kelley
Sr. Director, Policy & Strategic Partnerships
Portrait of Danielle Lang
Senior Director, Voting Rights
Simone Leeper
Legal Counsel, Redistricting
Tara Malloy
Senior Director, Appellate Litigation & Strategy
Delaney Marsco
Senior Legal Counsel, Ethics
Megan McAllen
Director, Campaign Finance Litigation
Portrait of Adav Noti
Senior Vice President & Legal Director
Kedric Payne
Vice President, General Counsel, and Sen. Dir., Ethics
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Over the past 16 years, CLC has been deeply involved in some of the most significant legal actions affecting American elections.
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