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Public service is a public trust


Public service is a public trust
It’s a question of knowing right from wrong, avoiding conflicts of interest, bending over backwards to see that there’s not even a perception of conflict of interest.
President George H. W. Bush, January 23, 1989

The Latest on Ethics

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Ethics Cases and Actions

Congress should pass and President-elect Joe Biden should sign into law the comprehensive set of democracy reforms outlined in H.R. 1 to advance voting rights, strengthen ethics laws, end partisan gerrymandering and decrease the influence of wealthy special interests in our political system.

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Montana has strong transparency requirements for businesses that make political contributions and expenditures while seeking lucrative contracts with state government agencies. CLC is urging the court to uphold these requirements, which advance core First Amendment principles in promoting political transparency and prevent corruption in government contracting.

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CLC is advocating in favor of state laws requiring that presidential electors follow the popular vote in their state.

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Our Lawmakers Must Enact and Enforce Clear Ethical Guidelines and Laws
CLC Watchdogs the White House
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In the face of reports revealing alleged illegal acts by employees or associates of the Executive Branch regarding the United States' relationship with Ukraine, Campaign Legal Center is calling out the Trump White House for multiple violations of ethics laws.

Principles for Designing an Independent Ethics Commission
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A strong independent ethics agency is an essential part of a government that is representative, responsive and accountable. This type of agency provides oversight that is critical to a functional democratic system overseeing ethics, financial disclosure, lobbying and campaign finance laws. Read more.  

Holding the Interior Department Accountable
U.S. Acting Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt

Violations of ethics obligations by officials across the Interior Department have raised serious questions about whether top agency officials are working to benefit the public, or to benefit the wealthy special interests that used to fund their paychecks.

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Keep Ethics in Government