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Public service is a public trust


Public service is a public trust
It’s a question of knowing right from wrong, avoiding conflicts of interest, bending over backwards to see that there’s not even a perception of conflict of interest.
President George H. W. Bush, January 23, 1989

Ethics Cases and Actions

Since Wilbur Ross was confirmed to his cabinet position as Commerce Secretary in February 2017, CLC has conducted vigorous oversight of his conduct, due to public concerns that his own financial interests conflict with the public interest.

Status Active

CLC filed complaints urging enforcement of the Hatch Act and has called out violations in the media. 

Status Active

CLC is suing the GSA over its refusal to provide travel records responsive to CLC’s FOIA request.

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Our Lawmakers Must Enact and Enforce Clear Ethical Guidelines and Laws
Solutions for Pushing Stronger Ethics in Government
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CLC experts share how federal, state and local governments can work to ensure that public officials have clear ethical guidelines and laws in place to help them navigate potential conflicts and hold them accountable when they break public trust.

Principles for Designing an Independent Ethics Commission
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A strong independent ethics agency is an essential part of a government that is representative, responsive and accountable. This type of agency provides oversight that is critical to a functional democratic system overseeing ethics, financial disclosure, lobbying and campaign finance laws. Read more.  

Legal Analysis in the Media
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CLC plays a leading watchdog role on ethics issues, and often provides expert analysis to journalists to help uncover and explain ethical violations.

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Keep Ethics in Government