Federal, state and local governments have a responsibility to enact and enforce clear ethical guidelines and laws. Only then can public officials adequately navigate potential conflicts and be held accountable when they break the public’s trust.
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The health of our democracy depends on accountable, inclusive and transparent processes at all levels of government. CLC works with lawmakers, ethics commissions and other nonprofit groups in cities and states to provide guidance and propose solutions for stronger ethics at the state and local levels.

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Members of Congress are elected to serve their constituents’ interests. Ethics laws provide the accountability and transparency necessary to ensure that members of Congress are committed to the people rather than their own wallets. CLC proposes solutions for stronger ethics in Congress and serves as a watchdog, holding lawmakers accountable for ethics violations.

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Federal executive branch officials should make decisions with the public’s best interests in mind. Ethics laws are exist to maintain this high standard. CLC works to hold officials accountable to these laws laws and proposes stricter laws where needed to compel officials to serve the public’s interest instead of their own interests.

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