Enforcing and Strengthening Executive Branch Ethics Laws


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Federal executive branch officials should make decisions with the public’s best interests in mind. Ethics laws are exist to maintain this high standard. CLC works to hold officials accountable to these laws and proposes stricter laws where needed to compel officials to serve the public’s interest instead of their own interests.

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To maintain a government of, by and for the people, we must ensure that executive branch officials are using their power to benefit the American public, not their own financial interests. This is why we have laws to ensure that there is transparency and accountability when these officials play the stock market. But those laws are not always...

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About this Action

To maintain a government of, by and for the people, the president, appointees and other executive branch officials must use their power to benefit the people, not themselves through personal or financial gain.

Executive branch officials hold many of the highest positions in government, and they make decisions that affect the daily lives of members of the public as they implement and enforce the laws Congress passes and the president signs. As a result of their power, officials are constant targets of wealthy special interests with outsized influence with the means to sway officials or receive information that would provide them with an opportunity to financially benefit at the public’s expense.

Ethics rules and laws are an important and effective way to make sure the people are put first. These laws provide transparency, accountability and guardrails that prevent members of the executive branch from abusing power.

The current laws require constant vigilance from the public and watchdog groups like CLC to determine whether an official has violated the law. Unfortunately, when officials act unethically, the law may not prohibit their behavior.

That is why CLC works to enforce and strengthen ethics laws that apply to the executive branch while fighting to make sure that Congress does not pass laws that would decrease transparency or help executive branch officials evade accountability.

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