Felony Voting Rights Restoration in Alabama


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Campaign Legal Center is working to restore voting rights to people with past convictions in Alabama by providing direct rights restoration services, empowering community leaders to understand rights restoration laws in the state, and breaking down the false notion that a felony conviction always means you cannot vote.

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On Bloody Sunday, televised violence against civil rights activists in Selma, Alabama caused a national outcry and mobilized Congress to pass the Voting Rights Act. Fifty-eight years later, the State still has a long way to go to ensure Black Alabamians have equal access to the ballot box.  

For decades, the Voting Rights Act served as a powerful...

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About this Action

In 2017, Alabama passed a new law, for the first time in more than a century, that created a definitive list of which convictions will take away a person’s right to vote. The law could re-enfranchise tens of thousands who were denied the right to vote but do not have a disqualifying conviction. Yet the state of Alabama has refused to spend any resources informing these citizens that they can vote. Recent polling showed that nearly 72% of Alabamians with felony convictions who are not registered to vote still do not know that the law has changed, much less whether it has restored their voting rights.

In 2018, Campaign Legal Center and the Southern Poverty Law Center launched the Alabama Voting Rights Project (AVRP) employing three full-time Re-Enfranchisement Fellows across the state. We individually assisted over 2,600 Alabamians with past convictions and trained more than 2,900 community leaders and activists on the rights restoration process.

CLC is continuing to assist Alabamians through the voting rights process and provide support to organizations engaged in rights restoration. We can help push back against systemic barriers that keep Alabamians front voting.

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If you are an Alabama resident who wants to understand your voting rights, click here to access our tool.

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