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Yakima County uses a voting system that consistently prevents its Latino residents from electing their preferred candidates to the County Commission. CLC notified the County Commission that this system violates the Washington Voting Rights Act, and called on the commission to adopt ranked-choice voting instead.

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A coalition of civil rights groups and religious organizations are challenging numerous deficiencies in Georgia’s electoral system that impose serious burdens on the right to vote for eligible Georgians. These obstacles particularly impact Georgia’s residents of color, severely limiting Georgia’s ability to conduct free and fair elections. CLC represents the plaintiff organizations in challenging Georgia’s electoral system under the U.S. Constitution.

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CLC represents individuals in Alabama who are U.S. citizens with past felony convictions, seeking the right to vote. Some are unable to vote because their convictions are considered "disqualifying" under Alabama's law, and others because they cannot afford to pay their court fees to restore their vote. CLC, alongside its partners, has filed a broad challenge to Alabama’s felony disenfranchisement law under the United States Constitution and the Voting Rights Act. 

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Fighting a Modern Poll Tax: Raysor et al. v. Laurel Lee
Photo of Bonnie Raysor, the plaintiff in Raysor et al. v. Laurel Lee

In 2018, Florida voters restored the right to vote to individuals with felony convictions. The legislature then enacted a law conditioning rights restoration on payment of restitution, fines, and fees, tying the right to vote to a person's wealth. CLC represents Floridians Bonnie Raysor and Diane Sherrill in challenging the constitutionality of the law.

Enforcing Campaign Finance Laws: CLC v. FEC
Stock photo of person behind prison bars

This case is a lawsuit over the FEC’s delay in enforcing federal campaign finance law against GEO Group, one of America’s largest private prison companies, which illegally made $225,000 in contributions to a super PAC supporting then-candidate Donald Trump in 2016. By filing this suit, CLC is hoping to compel the FEC to act on our FEC complaint, which alleges that the contributions — made through a wholly-owned subsidiary, GEO Corrections Holdings, Inc. — violated the ban on federal contractors giving money in federal elections. 

Defending Independent Redistricting: Daunt v. Benson
Protesters hold signs for fair maps at the U.S. Supreme Court

Michigan voters approved a constitutional amendment to create an independent redistricting commission to redraw the state’s voting districts. A group of plaintiffs sued to block its implementation. CLC serves as co-counsel for Voters Not Politicians, a nonpartisan, citizen-led organization that worked to pass the constitutional amendment.

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