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Congress should pass and President Biden should sign into law the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. This bill would ensure that attempts to create barriers to voting that discriminate against voters based on race, color or national origin get federal review, so we all have an equal say in our future. 

Status Active

Congress should pass and President Biden should sign into law the Freedom to Vote Act. This sweeping, transformative bill would make the promise of democracy more real for us all by increasing Americans’ access to the freedom to vote, curbing gerrymandering and improving the functionality of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and transparency in political campaign spending. 

Status Active

Congress should pass and President Joe Biden should sign into law the comprehensive set of democracy reforms outlined in H.R. 1/S. 1 to advance the freedom to vote, strengthen ethics laws, end partisan gerrymandering and decrease the influence of wealthy special interests in our political system.

Status Closed
Featured Cases
Fighting a Modern Poll Tax: Raysor et al. v. Laurel Lee
Photo of Bonnie Raysor, the plaintiff in Raysor et al. v. Laurel Lee

In 2018, Florida voters restored the right to vote to individuals with felony convictions. The legislature then enacted a law conditioning rights restoration on payment of restitution, fines and fees, tying the right to vote to a person's wealth. CLC represents hundreds of thousands of Floridians who are seeking to participate in the 2020 election.

Enforcing Campaign Finance Laws: Giffords v. FEC
NRA Executives with President Donald Trump

CLC and Giffords filed four complaints with the Federal Election Commission alleging that the National Rifle Association violated the law by using a series of shell corporations to make millions of dollars of unreported contributions. The FEC failed to act, so CLC Action is suing to force it to hold the NRA accountable for violating the laws designed to limit money’s influence on politics.

Defending Independent Redistricting: Daunt v. Benson
Protesters hold signs for fair maps at the U.S. Supreme Court

Michigan voters approved a constitutional amendment to create an independent redistricting commission to redraw the state’s voting districts. A group of plaintiffs sued to block its implementation. CLC serves as co-counsel for Voters Not Politicians, a nonpartisan, citizen-led organization that worked to pass the constitutional amendment.

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