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Campaign Finance

Campaign Finance

The Campaign Legal Center’s contributions to our work in New Mexico have directly resulted in better policy and a stronger coalition to advance campaign reform.
Viki Harrison, executive director, Common Cause New Mexico

Campaign Finance Cases and Actions

CLC represents Santa Fe in defending its political disclosure law, which protects voters’ right to know who is behind efforts to influence their votes. 

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Federal campaign laws limit the amount of money individuals can contribute to national political party committees within a certain year. The LNC challenged the limits on contributions to political parties. CLC's friend-of-the-court brief supports the constitutionality of the overall federal contribution limit system. 

Status Active

The Washington Post, Baltimore Sun, and a number of other newspaper organizations are suing the state of Maryland to avoid complying with the state’s political ad transparency law. The law includes measures that allow the public to easily obtain information about groups and individuals seeking to influence their vote through ads run on online platforms.

Status Active
Every eligible citizen should have a voice in our political process, not just the wealthy few.
CLC Provides Guidance at the State and Local Level
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CLC works on the ground in cities and states fighting for a better democracy. We serve as an expert resource to citizen organizations working to improve democracy in their own neighborhoods. CLC provides model legislation, model ballot initiatives and specific expert guidance to help ensure that local reform measures are effective and will stand up in the courts.

CLC Tackles Foreign Interference in U.S. Elections
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Partisan disputes over whether foreign meddling in 2016 impacted election results are not productive. Rather, we must devote national resources to addressing the host of vulnerabilities that the 2016 election exposed, or they will be further exploited in elections to come. Congress and the Federal Election Commission should take steps now to protect our democratic process, such as requiring identification of online political advertisers and updating 40-year-old disclosure laws by passing the bipartisan Honest Ads Act. 

CLC Demands Enforcement of the Law
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CLC supports the enforcement of campaign finance laws by filing complaints against government agencies, such as the Federal Election Commission (FEC), and participating in legal action against candidates, political parties and agencies who fail to uphold campaign finance laws. In keeping with our mission, CLC has taken action against candidates and organizations on both sides of the political aisle, and will continue to do so.

CLC Preserves Voters' Right to Know
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Requiring disclosure of money spent in elections has been the bedrock of our political system for many years and has historically claimed widespread support from people across the political spectrum. But disclosure laws promoting transparency – or the voters' right to know – have come under relentless attack since the Supreme Court case Citizens United v. FEC.

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