Learn More About Transparency in Our Elections at StopSecretSpending.org

Hands behind translucent glass passing a stack of money from one to the other

To reduce political corruption, we need real transparency about who is spending big money on elections so that politicians can no longer receive unlimited, secret money from wealthy special interests to support their campaigns. Voters should be able to make informed decisions on Election Day and hold politicians accountable.

Fortunately, there are solutions that would allow us to have more transparency in our elections. To give voters the tools to press for these solutions, Campaign Legal Center (CLC) is launching the website StopSecretSpending.org. Some of these solutions include updating digital ad rules, pushing Congress to pass the For the People Act, and reforming the Federal Election Commission, the only agency dedicated to overseeing the integrity of our elections.

Voters have a right to know which wealthy special interests are spending big money to secretly influence our vote and our government to rig the political system in their favor. Stronger transparency laws would allow us to see where various individuals and organizations are spending their money and increase accountability.

Georgia is a Communications Assistant at CLC.