Call Recording - CLC 2018 Midterms Round-up: A New State of Democracy

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On November 29, 2018, we hosted “CLC 2018 Midterms Round-up: A New State of Democracy,” a conference call on trends in voting rights, money in politics and citizen-led efforts to reform our democracy. During the call CLC experts discussed the 2018 election cycle, how voters and pro-democracy groups across the country fought back against dark money, ethics violations, gerrymandering, voter suppression in the courts and at the ballot box, and what’s next for 2020. 

CLC also released new materials on campaign finance trends and our voting rights work in 2018. Learn more:

Dodging Disclosure: How Super PACs Used Reporting Loopholes and Digital Disclaimer Gaps to Keep Voters in the Dark in the 2018 Midterms

Transparency and the First Amendment: How Disclosure Advances the Constitution’s Promise of Self-Government

2018 Election: Protecting Voting Rights

Portrait of Catie Kelley
Sr. Director, Policy & Strategic Partnerships
Portrait of Danielle Lang
Senior Director, Voting Rights
Call Materials