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Campaign Finance
Gavel resting on stack of money

The First Amendment guarantees every American the right to participate fully in the political process. Learn more about the campaign finance system in America and how you can work to improve it.

Typewriter typing conflict of interest

One of the hallmarks of a healthy democracy is public confidence in the integrity of democratic institutions. Learn more about government ethics and how you can help build public confidence with strong ethics programs.

A pile of U.S. state maps

Democracy works best when our voting maps are drawn to ensure that Americans can participate equally in the election of their representatives. Learn more about redistricting and how you can help bring fair maps to your community.

Voting Rights
Hand of voter with a pen filling out a ballot

Voting should be accessible for all citizens, no matter where they live, the color of their skin or how much money they make.  Learn more about voting rights issues and how to take action in your community.