Trump’s Actions “Undermine the Integrity of Our Elections”

President Trump speaking on the phone
President Trump speaks on the phone in the Oval Office on September 4, 2019. Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead. Public Domain.

CLC President Trevor Potter has joined a group of conservative and libertarian lawyers, most of whom have served in senior positions in Republican Administrations, to stand firm against foreign interference in American elections.

In an open letter, reported on by The Washington Post, the group states that the president’s recent interactions with a foreign government are “fundamentally incompatible with the president’s oath of office, his duties as commander in chief and his constitutional obligations. There is a legitimate basis for an expeditious impeachment investigation, a vote in the House of Representatives and a potential trial in the Senate.”

In the letter, the group writes, “The Special Counsel’s report revealed, among other things, that the Trump 2016 campaign was open to and enthusiastic about receiving Russian government-facilitated assistance to gain an advantage in the previous election. The report was not only an exposition, it was a warning. The present circumstances are materially worse: we have not just a political candidate open to receiving foreign assistance to better his chances at winning an election, but a current president openly and privately calling on foreign governments to actively interfere in the most sacred of U.S. democratic processes, our elections. These activities, which are factually undisputed, undermine the integrity of our elections, endanger global U.S. security and defense partnerships, and threaten our democracy.

CLC board member Charles Fried and CLC Senior Advisor Donald Ayer also signed in support of this position. 

Statement from Checks & Balances