Jan. 6th Committee Issues Bipartisan Report Following Historic Investigation

A Black person with long hair and a turtleneck sweater visits the website of the January 6th Committee's final report

The bipartisan House Select Committee investigating the January 6th attack on our country issued a comprehensive report after a series of public hearings, conducting more than 1,000 interviews and reviewing hundreds of thousands of documents. 

The committee’s report  contains detailed factual findings from its investigation, as well as a series of recommendations for policies and actions to ensure an attack like this never happens again.

Among the committee’s revelations, it exposed the internal and public campaign to pressure the former vice president to refuse to count key states’ certified presidential election results in violation of the Constitution and the law. The committee’s hearings also laid out evidence of a coordinated effort by partisan actors to knowingly spread false information designed to undermine public trust in the 2020 election.

As we learned, the effort to sow distrust in the election results was far-reaching. Former President Donald Trump and his allies made repeated efforts to persuade state election officials and state legislators to unlawfully change their election results and undermine the will of voters. They also masterminded an initiative to create false slates of fake electors to create confusion around the Electoral College results of key battleground states.

These dangerous tactics helped fuel the events of January 6th.

Although this report concludes the House Select Committee’s work, the job of strengthening our democracy is far from over. States like Texas and Ohio are already considering introducing new laws that aim to intimidate voters and restrict access to the polls in future elections. 

While CLC continues its work to fight anti-voter laws in states across the country through education, advocacy and litigation, these efforts can only go so far without national baseline standards. 

With the second anniversary of the January 6th attack just weeks away, Congress owes it to voters to work together to safeguard future presidential elections.  

Trevor Potter, Campaign Legal Center’s (CLC) founder and president, submitted an in-depth, written statement to the House Select Committee prior to the hearings. 

In his statement, Mr. Potter emphasized how the events of January 6th and the ongoing threat of election manipulation pose a danger to our freedom as voters and our freedom as a country. You can read his recommendations by clicking here.

Eric is a Senior Manager, Legislative Strategy at CLC.
Matthew is a Communications Manager at CLC.