A Discussion on Ad Transparency with CLC and Duke University

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Campaign Legal Center (CLC) and Duke University Center on Science and Technology Policy hosted a panel discussion on the regulations that govern federal reporting of political sub-vendor spending.

The panel featured Brendan Fisher, CLC Director of Federal Reform, Shana Broussard, Chair of the Federal Election Commission (FEC), Jordan Lieberman, Vice President and General Manager of Politics and Public Affairs, a4 media and Tatenda Musapatike, Founder and CEO of Voter Formation Project.

The panelists offered insight on current and potential reforms of political ad regulations and highlighted how those regulations could increase public transparency.

While there are laws requiring transparency for political ads, sub-vendors like advertising agencies and consultancies can currently help hide a substantial amount of campaign spending because they are exempt from reporting their spending on behalf of political clients.


Tracy handles media relations for the CLC campaign finance and ethics teams and creates online content.
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