CLC Says Wilbur Ross should face investigations for 'apparent violations' of federal law

Center for Public Integrity

The Commerce Department’s inspector general should investigate Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross for “apparent false statements” in connection with his personal financial holdings, a nonpartisan watchdog organization contends in a newly filed complaint.

The complaint from the Campaign Legal Center is rooted in Ross’ acknowledgement, first reported in December by the Center for Public Integrity, that he repeatedly told federal ethics officials he had divested BankUnited stock — even though he had not in fact done so.


The disclosure represented the most recent in a series of inaccuracies and omissions in Ross’ financial disclosures, all of which Ross has said were caused by inadvertent errors.

“Maybe one time, two times we believe this is a mistake, but at this point, we need a little more from Secretary Ross than, someone was supposed to sell this stock for me,” Campaign Legal Center ethics counsel Delaney Marsco said. “It’s no longer an acceptable excuse from someone we trust with an insane amount of power and who is supposed to be a very sophisticated investor.” 

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