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SCOTUS Watch: What the Upcoming Supreme Court Term Means for Democracy

CLC's event focused on anti-democratic trends in the Roberts Court's decisions and what these could mean for democracy cases next term. 

Front of the U.S. Supreme Court building under a dramatic sky with clouds
The Supreme Court of the United States in Washington D.C. Photo by Susan Candelario / Alamy Stock Photo

On Sept. 28, 2022, Campaign Legal Center (CLC) hosted the event, “SCOTUS Watch: What the Upcoming Supreme Court Term Means for Democracy” to discuss how the Court has been reversing decades of work by prior Courts to protect and protect our democracy and preview what these trends mean for democracy cases in the Court’s upcoming term.

The panelists explored whether the Supreme Court is simply hostile to democracy, whether the justices in the majority are aligning themselves with the political party of the president that appointed them and whether these justices are serving the wealthy special interests that deployed dark money, otherwise known as secret spending, in support of their nomination to the bench.

The panelists also highlighted individual cases that are on the docket for next term, including the gerrymandering cases Moore v. Harper and Merrill v. Milligan, both of which could have far-reaching implications.

During the upcoming Supreme Court term, the Court will make decisions on matters of vital importance that could undermine our democracy. CLC will be watching and anticipating how to respond to those challenges.

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