Your Mobile Ticket Into the Campaign Contribution Vault


Smart phones aren’t just for fact checking those suspicious sounding baseball stats your friend keeps quoting.  Now, thanks to a new mobile app produced by MapLight, your phone can also help you keep your elected officials honest on the sources of their campaign contributions.

The app, Politicash 2012, tracks money flowing into the presidential race, making it easier than ever to know exactly who is funding the candidates. The app is designed with several unique features, including:

  • Head to head comparison of total contributions to Obama and Romney
  • Fundraising breakdown by Super PAC versus campaign committee
  • Graphs tracking money raised and spent by each candidate over time
  • The top 5 contributors overall and the biggest contributors in the last week
  • A “Shake” feature, showing a random sample of contributors to each candidate
  • An auto-tweet feature alerting the candidates that you are keeping tabs on their fundraising

This new mobile app is another step to empowering citizens with information to hold politicians accountable. Voters can closely monitor candidate’s fundraising activity to make the most informed decision this November.

The app can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android.