Why Robust Ethics Rules Are Necessary for Successful Redistricting in 2021

A magnifying glass held over a stack of newspapers with the word "corruption" in focus.

Campaign Legal Center (CLC) hosted "How to Ensure That Redistricting Is Fair, Open, and Accessible,” a virtual discussion on the role that ethics provisions play in increasing public trust and promoting transparency and accountability in the redistricting process.

CLC experts Ruth Greenwood, co-director of voting rights and redistricting, Christopher Lamar, legal counsel, redistricting, and Delaney Marsco, senior legal counsel, ethics, were joined by special guests Jeanette Senecal, senior director of mission impact at the League of Women Voters and Ellen Freidin, campaign chair for Fair Districts Florida.

Redistricting lies at the heart of American democracy. Through changes to the boundaries of our state legislative and congressional districtsthe redistricting process offers a once-in-a-decade chance for us to work toward a more representative government that truly represents the populations served.

Georgia is a Communications Assistant at CLC.
Ensuring That Redistricting Commissions Serve the Public