Victory in Texas: Judge Pauses Texas Voter Purge

CLC litigators stands outside a Texas courtroom with Texas client
CLC litigators Mark Gaber (left) and Molly Danahy (right) stand outside a Texas courtroom with Texas client, Julie Hilberg (center).

Texas federal judge Fred Biery has ordered Texas counties to pause their planned voter purge. Texas is “not to send any notice of examination letters nor remove voters from registration without prior approval of the Court.”

CLC represents the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), and individual plaintiff Julie Hilberg in the case.

This is a major victory for Texas voters. The court rightly agreed with CLC's argument that Texas’ threatened voter purge struck fear and anxiety into the hearts of voters. Texas unnecessarily targeted tens of thousands of people who were properly registered citizens, intimidating naturalized citizens from exercising their rights. Let this be a message to the rest of the country that states will face consequences when they threaten their citizens’ right to vote.

Learn more about the case, Texas LULAC, et al. v. Secretrary of State David Whitley.

Julie Hilberg: U.S. Citizen Wrongly Placed on Texas Purge List

Texas wrongly placed Hilberg on the state's voter purge list, despite the fact that she was naturalized in 2015 after moving to Texas. She is now fighting for her voting rights in court.