Utahns Want Redistricting Process That Promotes Transparency and Fair Representation

Wendy Martin standing on a brick sidewalk with an intersection and tall city buildings behind her
Photo courtesy of Wendy Martin

Wendy Martin, a client that Campaign Legal Center (CLC) is representing in the case LWV Utah and MWEG v. Utah State Legislature, published an op-ed for The Daily Herald that explains how the gerrymandered congressional map enacted by the Utah Legislature prevents voters from electing candidates who will be responsive to their communities’ needs.

The enacted congressional map enables the ruling political party to skew the electoral process by “cracking” Salt Lake County voters into each of the state’s four congressional districts to dilute their voting power. Under this gerrymandered map, there would likely be no competitive districts in Utah’s congressional delegation over the next decade.

Elections should be determined by voters, not politicians. Utahns deserve to vote under fair and balanced maps created through a transparent process that allows all voters to make their voices heard.

Read the full op-ed. 

Georgia is a Communications Assistant at CLC.
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