Trevor Potter To Testify Before Senate on For the People Act

Trevor Potter posing with his arms folded in front of a wall and wearing an I Voted sticker on his lapel
Photo by Julia Davis/UVA Law School

Trevor Potter, president of Campaign Legal Center (CLC) and Republican former chairman of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) will testify before the United States Senate Committee on Rules and Administration on Wednesday, March 24th. The hearing begins at 10 a.m. EDT.

The hearing on the For the People Act, legislation that will strengthen our democracy and crack down on political corruption in both parties, will take place over two panels. The first panel will focus on voting rights and redistricting and the second on campaign finance and government ethics.

Potter will testify as an expert witness during the campaign finance and ethics panel and emphasize the importance of this legislation in making our government more accessible, transparent, and responsive to the American people.

CLC has fought for reforms in campaign finance, government ethics, voting rights, and redistricting in the For the People Act, to ensure power is given back to regular voters by reducing the influence of wealthy donors and stopping extreme voter suppression.

Tracy handles media relations for the CLC campaign finance and ethics teams and creates online content.
Early Voting, Transparency and FEC Reforms: Bipartisan Democracy Improvements in the For the People Act