Showed Las Vegas Resident Kevin Wong the Truth About Voting Rights

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Picture taken at Restore Your Vote press event: October 2, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Kevin: center, left)

Kevin Wong from Nevada thought he could not vote because of a past conviction. But he visited the website and learned the truth about his rights. He registered to vote that same day.

Kevin was incarcerated until 2016 and was released the day before that year's presidential elections. Highly interested in politics, Kevin was devastated that he couldn't vote right away and make his voice heard in a decision about who would be running the country for the next four years. While in prison, Kevin watched the presidential debates and discussed political issues with other inmates. Now that he has returned to his community, Kevin is enrolled at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas in a political science program and is involved in the school's debate society. Kevin is excited to vote in this November's elections.

Kevin recorded this video to communicate to other people with past convictions so that they too can make their voice heard. Many state voter registration deadlines are coming up this week. Visit today to learn the truth about your voting rights.

Corey handles media relations for the CLC voting rights and redistricting teams and creates online content. Follow @cgfromdc on Twitter
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