Legal Center Attorneys Go Live On Super PACs - The Phenomena that Can't Be Ignored


Super PACs continue to play an outsized role this election year and are not going away.  The ad buys are staggering and will only grow in the run-up to November. The nominally ‘independent’ committees are the big story of the 2012 election cycle.

The committees continue to draw increased media attention. The old math, focused on candidate and party committee war chests, has gone out the window as election handicappers and journalists come to grips with the growing crop of Super PACs spending millions of dollars on behalf of candidates.

In addition to the endless inches of print and website copy on the topic, broadcasters are using longer format talk shows to drill down to help viewers and listeners understand the scope and influence of Super PACs.  Yesterday two talk shows airing on public radio stations nationwide featured Campaign Legal Center attorneys discussing the issue at length.  Legal Center President Trevor Potter appeared on the Diane Rehm Show and FEC Program Director Paul S. Ryan was a guest on “To the Point” with Warren Olney.

To hear Trevor Potter on the Diane Rehm show, click here.

To hear Paul S. Ryan on “To the Point”, click here at (at 23:00).