Colbert’s “Money Laundering” Reference Leads to Ham Headed “Apology” to Karl Rove as the Colbert Report Keeps the Pressure up on Undisclosed Money in Politics

Apparently Karl Rove and his attorney did not see comedian Stephen Colbert’s creation last week of a 501(c)(4) like their Crossroads GPS as the sincerest form of flattery.  Rove’s lawyer sent an e-mail to Colbert’s lawyer, Trevor Potter, and last night the host of The Colbert Report issued a clarification concerning “Ham Rove ” and his 501(c)(4). Colbert stated that that he was glad Rove had made it clear he was not laundering “dirty money” through his Super PAC, but instead keeping it dirty and undisclosed in his 501(c)(4).

All will be revealed if you watch the segment featuring Colbert’s “dear friend by the hour” Trevor Potter.

To view the segment, click here

Potter, President of the Legal Center, is representing Mr. Colbert through his private law practice and disqualified himself from any of the Legal Center's work in connection with Colbert’s political activities, which included filing comments with the FEC in response to an advisory opinion request filed by the Colbert Super PAC.