CLC Expands Efforts to Confront Foreign Election Interference and Online Threats to Elections

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Marc Lawrence-Apfelbaum Will Help CLC in its Efforts to Confront Foreign Election Interference and Online Threats to U.S. Elections

Campaign Legal Center is extremely pleased to welcome to its staff Marc Lawrence-Apfelbaum as Senior Advisor on Foreign Interference and Online Threats.

Earlier this year, Robert Mueller’s report confirmed what we already knew – foreign actors worked to confuse, divide and infiltrate our democracy in 2016 and will continue to seek out opportunities to influence our elections. This is a serious threat to our democracy. 

As one of the first organizations to highlight the issue and offer solutions with our report in 2016, and most recently a conference call earlier this year, CLC is working to develop and advance solutions to protect our democracy from foreign interference. 

That is why we are excited to welcome Lawrence-Apfelbaum to our team.

Our work has shown us that addressing foreign interference – including the systematic misuse of social media platforms and intrusions into our country’s election infrastructure – must be treated as a national priority. 

Lawrence-Apfelbaum has extensive experience in technology, privacy, cybersecurity and First Amendment issues, and is especially well qualified to help CLC strengthen our efforts to confront foreign and online threats to our democracy going forward. His work at CLC will expand our understanding of the efforts to influence our elections and increase our capacity to put forth workable solutions to protect our democracy.

“I’m thrilled to be joining CLC and its work to strengthen and protect our country’s democratic process,” said Lawrence-Apfelbaum. “I’m especially excited to help CLC in its efforts to confront the new foreign and online threats to our democracy that became apparent in the 2016 elections.”

As the long-time general counsel of Time Warner Cable (TWC) before the sale of the company, Lawrence-Apfelbaum played important legal and policy roles in the company’s development and provision of technology and internet services. 

He also chaired TWC’s Cybersecurity Council, which worked to coordinate and enhance the company’s cybersecurity efforts. 

In addition to his work at TWC, Lawrence-Apfelbaum long served on the boards of several nonprofits, including the Media Law Resource Center, which helps to foster and defend free speech rights around the world.