Adav Noti Named Executive Director of Campaign Legal Center

Headshot of Adav Noti, CLC's new executive director. He's wearing a suit in front of some greenery.

Campaign Legal Center (CLC) is pleased to announce that Senior Vice President and Legal Director Adav Noti has been named the organization’s Executive Director, effective January 1, 2024. In this role, Adav will lead CLC’s programmatic activity and operations as CLC executes a multi-faceted strategy to protect our democracy during a pivotal election year. 

The change in management structure allows CLC’s Founder and President Trevor Potter to devote more time to external priorities critical to CLC’s success. Potter remains president of CLC, and Paul Smith continues to serve as CLC’s senior vice president supervising litigation strategy. 

“Adav's leadership has been instrumental in guiding our program work and has played a key role in the rapid growth of our organization,” Potter said. “His organizational skills and deep knowledge of the field make him an ideal fit for the Executive Director role.”  

In senior leadership roles, including as CLC’s Chief of Staff and Legal Director, for six years prior to his appointment as Executive Director, Adav coordinated all of CLC's efforts to fix the campaign finance system, protect voting rights, ensure fair redistricting and promote government ethics.

Before joining CLC, Adav served for more than ten years in nonpartisan capacities within the Office of General Counsel of the Federal Election Commission, including as associate general counsel for policy and acting assistant general counsel.  

Adav has litigated dozens of constitutional cases in district courts and courts of appeals, as well as cases in the United States Supreme Court. He has testified numerous times before Congress and other lawmakers, and he is frequently cited in the media for his expertise on election law matters. Adav has also served as a special assistant United States attorney, and he is currently a member of the National Task Force on Election Crises.