A Toolkit for Activists Helping People With Felony Convictions Vote in Nevada

In Nevada, the law regarding which people with past criminal convictions can and cannot vote has been confusing.

Whether a person can vote depends on how many felony convictions they have, the category of the conviction(s), and whether they were honorably or dishonorably discharged from probation and in what year. For some, their voting rights will be restored once they complete their sentence, however, they will still need to submit documentation of that restoration when they register to vote. Many more people who are eligible to get their right to vote back after a conviction are required to petition the court to restore their rights – a process that many do not know about. As a result, many Nevadans with past convictions who are eligible to vote simply do not know that they can participate.

But a little bit of education and outreach will go a long way to assisting people to exercise their fundamental right to vote.

This page gives access to the Nevada Activist Manual, the Nevada Rights Restoration Worksheet and the Know Your Rights FAQ sheet.

For more information on felony disenfranchisement, see our online tool RestoreYourVote.

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Nevada Activist Manual