Federal Judge Directs Counties to Halt Texas Voter Purge

SAN ANTONIO, TX – A federal judge in the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas said Monday that Texas counties involved in ongoing litigation may not purge registered voters or send letters demanding proof of citizenship until further order from the court. This conclusion was reached by Judge Fred Biery after a three-day evidentiary hearing in which the court heard from League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and Texas plaintiff Julie Hilberg, a citizen of Atascosa County, Texas who told the court the story of how she was wrongly placed on Secretary of State David Whitley’s list, despite being naturalized in 2015 after moving to Texas. CLC represents LULAC and Ms. Hilberg.

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“All Texas counties should refrain from further action until a broad ruling is made on our lawsuit,” said Danielle Lang, co-director, voting rights and redistricting, at CLC. “Texas designed this unlawful ‘search and purge’ mission to intimidate legitimately registered voters, and Secretary of State Whitley has failed to defend his program of voter suppression, ignoring warnings from state employees about the inaccuracy of the data he relied on. The court should step in and protect the rights of all Texas citizens.”

The parties will submit additional briefing next Thursday.

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