How Brett Kavanaugh Could Change the Supreme Court — and America


President Trump had narrowed his list of contenders for the nation’s highest court to four by the time Air Force One touched down outside Washington on July 8. But Trump wanted another sit-down with one candidate in particular. That evening at the White House, Trump spent more than an hour in his private residence talking with Brett Kavanaugh about the judge’s family, his life growing up in the capital with two lawyers as parents, and his work, according to a person familiar with the discussion. It was the longest amount of time Trump had spent with any of the candidates. After their discussion, Trump said Kavanaugh was a judge “out of central casting,” one of the President’s favorite compliments.

“Given how carefully potential nominees are vetted by the White House, it seems improbable that President Trump and his advisers aren’t aware of Kavanaugh’s views of presidential power,” says Tara Malloy, a senior director at the Campaign Legal Center. “There’s no doubt his perspective was taken into consideration.”

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