Gizmodo: Jeff Sessions Was Lobbied to Exclude Democrats From Trump's Election Fraud Panel


As revealed by newly disclosed documents obtained from the US Department of Justice, a member of the conservative Heritage Foundation think tank tried to have Democrats, mainstream Republican officials, and academics excluded entirely from the taxpayer-funded Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.


The letter was acquired this month under the Freedom of Information Act by the nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center. In a statement, Campaign Legal Center President Trevor Potter, a former Republican chairman of the Federal Election Commission, criticized Kobach for directing the presidential commission to “undermine citizens’ right to vote.” Potter pointed to now-debunked claims of voter fraud in New Hampshire (a state Hillary Clinton won by a 0.3 percent margin).


“Any truly bipartisan commission on these things has to have bipartisan leadership,” Danielle Lang, an attorney for the Campaign Legal Center, told Gizmodo. “There has to be some kind of bipartisan power on the commission—or it’s just a fig leaf. If you look at all of the former commissions that this would be similar to, they all had Democrat and Republican vice chairs. Instead, in this case, you have Kris Kobach and Mike Pence. That alone truly disqualifies it from being truly bipartisan in any meaningful way.”

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