Don Jr. and Eric Trump have become their dad’s most effective surrogates in red states where the GOP is hammering Democrats

Business Insider

For the last two years, President Donald Trump's two eldest sons have taken over a multi-billion dollar business empire. 

But over the last several months, the brothers — particularly the elder, Donald Trump Jr. — have spent a significant portion of their time criss-crossing the country to fire up crowds and raise funds for Republicans eager to wrap themselves in Trump's flag ahead of next month's midterm elections.

While Eric and Don Jr. have insisted that they respect a strict ethical boundary between their family's business interests and their father's government work, the two have become the most sought-after presidential surrogates on the red-state campaign trail.

It's the existence of these questions — and the seemingly permeable boundary between the president and the chief executives of his business — that concern ethics experts. "The public shouldn't have to wonder if the president's businesses are using their connection to him to influence the political process or decision-making in any way," Delaney Marsco, legal counsel at the non-profit Campaign Legal Center, told Business Insider.

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