Chabot Maintains Republican Grip on Southwest Ohio

Courthouse News Service

According to the Hamilton County Board of Elections, voter turnout was at over 54 percent, up nearly ten percent from midterm elections in 2014.

The Campaign Legal Center filed a federal class action Tuesday against Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, claiming eligible voters arrested just before Election Day are unconstitutionally being denied their right to vote.

“Ohio systematically disenfranchises eligible voters who are arrested after absentee ballot request deadline and detained through Election Day, by refusing to provide these eligible voters with access to the ballot,” in violation of their First and 14thAmendment rights, according to the complaint filed in Columbus federal court.

Mark Gaber, senior legal counsel at Campaign Legal Center, said in a statement, “No qualified voter should be categorically denied the right to vote. Ohio’s practice of refusing to provide ballots to late-jailed voters is particularly egregious because it most severely affects those who cannot afford bail.”

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