In 3rd District, clear choice on campaign funds

The Lowell Sun

For voters in the 3rd Congressional District, the Nov. 6 election is in many ways a referendum on how political campaigns are financed. 

Question 2 on the ballot, brought forth by a petition, proposes a commission aimed at limiting the role of money in politics. Lori Trahan, the Democratic nominee, once worked on landmark legislation limiting the role of money in politics, although her campaign today is more successful at fundraising than either of her opponents. Republican nominee Rick Green's company has waged legal battles attempting to expand the ability of corporations to spend on politics.

"Opponents of campaign finance reform love to hate (the BCRA), but it's actually been incredibly effective," said Tara Malloy, senior director of appellate litigation and strategy at the Campaign Legal Center. "Those restrictions on party soft money are still on the books and pretty effective."

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