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How Might America Look on November 3 and Beyond?

Join CLC for a discussion about voting rights legal fights and election results scenarios. 

A woman dispenses hand sanitizer to a man and woman outside the open door of a building with "Vote Here" signs on the outside.
Voters line up to receive hand sanitizer before entering a polling place in Boston, MA on September 1, 2020. Photo by Casey Atkins/Campaign Legal Center.

Campaign Legal Center (CLC) hosted the public education call "An Unprecedented Election: Protecting Democracy for November 3 and Beyond."

CLC experts, Trevor Potter, president and founder, and Danielle Lang, co-director, voting rights and redistricting, were joined by special guests Ryan Haygood, president and CEO, New Institute for Social Justice, and Celina Stewart, senior director of advocacy and litigation, League of Women Voters. Jason Jaffery, chief development officer, CLC, moderated the event.

The panelists discussed successful and active legal fights around some of the most important voting issues this year and reviewed potential election scenarios—including not having the results of the election on election night.

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Trevor Potter

Campaign Legal Center


Danielle Lang

Campaign Legal Center
Senior Director, Voting Rights