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How to Ensure that Redistricting Is Fair, Open, and Accessible

Join us as we unveil a new report about how states can make their redistricting processes more transparent and ethical. 

A magnifying glass held over a stack of newspapers with the word "corruption" in focus.


Redistricting will help determine who holds office in the next decade. But, how can we ensure those in charge of it act in accordance with the public interest, rather than using the drawing of new voting maps as an opportunity to maximize their own personal gain?

CLC unveiled its new report “Designing a Transparent and Ethical Redistricting Process: A Guide to Ensuring that the Redistricting Process is Fair, Open, and Accessible,” a joint project between CLC and the League of Women Voters. 

By encouraging states to create robust ethics rules to govern their redistricting commission or redistricting process more broadly, we can increase public trust and promote a healthier democracy.

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Delaney Marsco

Campaign Legal Center
Director, Ethics