CLC Partners with NRDC Action Votes to File Supplemental FEC Complaint Against Donald Trump and His Leadership PAC


Campaign Legal Center (CLC) and NRDC Action Votes filed a supplemental complaint with the Federal Election Commission, alleging that former President Donald Trump and his leadership PAC, Save America, violated the prohibition on spending or transferring “soft money” in connection with a federal election when Save America contributed a total of $60 million to super PAC MAGA, Inc. Trump and Save America made the first unlawful contribution to MAGA, Inc. in October 2022, which prompted CLC to file the original complaint.

Trump and Save America then made a second unlawful contribution, prompting this supplemental complaint. The filing explains that federal candidates and political committees they control are limited to contributing $5,000 to other political committees, and that by contributing substantially more than that to MAGA, Inc., Trump and Save America violated the campaign finance laws.