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Democracy Decoded: Season 1, Bonus Episode 1

What Happens When the People Decide?

Democracy Decoded: Season 1, Bonus Episode 1

What Happens When the People Decide?

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In this bonus episode we’re featuring content from a new podcast called “When the People Decide.” Host Jenna Spinelle explores the basics of the ballot initiative and the history of how it caught on in the United States. 

She investigates the backstory behind a campaign in Michigan to end partisan gerrymandering in 2018 which is part of a legacy of ballot initiatives dating back to the 1800s. After becoming disillusioned with the results of the 2016 election, Katie Fahey took to Facebook to gauge the interest of grassroots mobilization amongst her colleagues, friends and family.  

Now the executive director of a nonpartisan voter reform organization, Fahey shares how the ballot initiative excited everyday people about becoming active in politics, including its 10,000 volunteers, and how they were inspired to make political changes in their communities. 


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