Disclosure Rules for Digital Political Spending


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Gaps in federal law and FEC inaction make it easy for online political ads buyers to hide their identity. CLC supports closing digital ad loopholes.

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Just as the internet has changed society, it has also changed the way campaigns reach out to voters. But regulation of these ads has not kept up. That slow reaction created a blind spot which Russians exploited when they ran thousands of advertisements on Facebook and other digital platforms, reaching a wider audience than last year’s Super Bowl.

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About this Action

In a healthy democracy, voters need information about who pays for political ads in order to make informed decisions, and online ads are no different from any other. The transparency provided through disclosure ensures that voters are able to fully access the argument by being informed about who is attempting to influence their vote. Gaps in federal law and inaction on the part of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) have made it easy for online political ads buyers to hide their identity from voters.

CLC supports federal legislation that would close digital ad loopholes, such as the bipartisan Honest Ads Act. CLC is engaging the FEC to close digital ad disclaimer loopholes, including with an advisory opinion request, comments on regulatory proceedings, and monitoring compliance with existing law. CLC is also working with state and local governments to help craft digital ad legislation.   

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