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Nonpartisan civic engagement groups are a core part of building a better democracy from the ground up. Despite their work to help voters participate in democracy, civic engagement groups have come under attack, undermining their critical work to expand access to democracy and violating their First Amendment rights. Campaign Legal Center is actively fighting back.

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Nonpartisan civic engagement groups form the bedrock of our democracy.  

These groups—composed of civic-minded, democracy-loving, everyday Americans—do the hard work of fighting to ensure that every American can access the fundamental freedom to vote.  

Their efforts have a long and storied history. In fact, as long as America has had...

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About this Action

As long as we have had a representative democracy, civic-minded Americans have worked tirelessly to ensure their neighbors can access it—by registering people to vote, holding voter education events and promoting engagement in the democratic process to build stronger communities.  

Nonpartisan civic engagement groups, composed of civic-minded Americans, have carried this unique American tradition forward from the founding to the present day. 

But recently, these groups’ efforts have come under attack. In state after state, self-interested politicians have introduced and/or passed new laws that would completely undermine or even criminalize the activities of nonpartisan civic engagement groups. These laws are both unconstitutional and unpopular, which is why they are often tucked away in larger anti-voter bills, where they receive less attention. 

Not only do these laws represent a serious attack on civic engagement groups’ constitutional rights to free speech and association, but they would also have clear negative effects on Black and brown voters, low-income voters, voters with disabilities and young voters, many of whom rely on these nonpartisan efforts to exercise their freedom to vote. 

Our democracy is strongest when every voter can make their voice heard. We should celebrate, not punish, the civic-minded organizations and volunteers who help Americans vote. That’s why Campaign Legal Center is fighting back. 

Where CLC is fighting back: 

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