Our 15th Anniversary: Changes Ahead!

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At a 15th Anniversary Reception, President Trevor Potter delivered remarks which can be read here


This year, the Campaign Legal Center marks our first 15 years of working for our democracy.

In 2002, we began with a focused mission of defending and advancing the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act. But our focus quickly expanded, as the needs of our democracy grew.

Today, we are facing unprecedented attacks on our democracy. We face billionaires who aim to influence our elected officials through unlimited contributions to super PACs and pour secret money into campaigns, elected officials who violate basic ethics norms, lawmakers who draw district voting maps to keep their party in power and legislators who push for laws that curb some Americans’ ability to access the ballot.

This work has not been easy, and we expect the next 15 years – and beyond – will bring many more battles. Our staff will continue to work every day to protect and strengthen democracy across all levels of government.

In this milestone year, CLC is launching a new look to keep up with our organization’s expanded mission to advance democracy through law.

Keep an eye out for changes over the next few months: our new logo, a new look for our emails and a new website.

What won’t be changing is that we will continue to work every day to protect and strengthen democracy until the United States’ political process is accessible to all citizens, resulting in a representative, responsive and accountable government.

Thanks for standing with us (for 15 years!)

Sandhya is CLC's Vice President of Communications.