Members of Congress Are Refusing To Cooperate With Ethics Investigations

American flag flies above the Rayburn House Office Building.
Rayburn House Office Building

As an independent, nonpartisan entity, the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) investigates allegations of ethical misconduct made against members of the House of Representatives and their staff. The OCE is essential to both actual enforcement of the law and maintaining transparency regarding these investigations. 

But a problematic trend has emerged among lawmakers under investigation. An integral part of the OCE’s investigatory process is speaking with those lawmakers who have been accused of violating the law, and many members refuse to provide information to OCE, potentially frustrating the investigation. This hinders the office’s ability to “fully assess whether and to what extent” these members of Congress violated ethics laws and rules.  

In the chart below, we track which members are refusing to cooperate with OCE investigations and what violations they are alleged to have committed: