Larry Noble Testifies on the IRS and “Dark Money” Before Senate Judiciary Subcommittee

A "dark" roll of hundred dollar bills

Yesterday, Larry Noble testified at the Senate Committee on the Judiciary Subcommittee on Oversight, Agency Action, Federal Rights and Federal Courts hearing on the IRS’s enforcement of the restrictions on political activity by non-profit tax-exempt groups who do not disclose their donors.  While some members of the subcommittee chaired by Senator Ted Cruz argued that the serious allegations of the IRS targeting certain groups meant the IRS should reduce its oversight, Noble focused on how the IRS’s failure to develop and enforce clear and effective rules governing political activity by nonprofit organizations has undermined compliance with our campaign finance laws—especially those requiring disclosure of the sources of campaign spending.  

To read Noble’s testimony, click here.

To watch Noble testify, click here. (at 2:25:55)