Introducing Campaign Legal Conversations: A New CLC Streaming Event Series

A microphone at a podium overlooking an audience out of focus in the background

Democracy is at its strongest when diverse voices collaborate. This week, CLC officially launches a new live streaming event series called Campaign Legal Conversations

Campaign Legal Conversations is a forum featuring dialogues about American democracy. As we head into the 2024 presidential election, this series features change-makers, authors, and experts across the political landscape who will exchange ideas, foster mutual understanding, and find common ground.  

These conversations don’t just stop at identifying issues. They also seek to spark innovative solutions aimed at strengthening our nation’s democratic institutions at this critical time.  

The kickoff for Campaign Legal Conversations is Washington Post Live’s “Democracy In America” event on September 28. Trevor Potter — CLC’s President and Republican Former Chairman of the Federal Election Commission — joins experts from Harvard University and Vanderbilt University to discuss the threats currently facing our democracy and efforts to strengthen democratic guardrails.  

The next virtual Campaign Legal Conversations event, “How Congress Benefits from Outside Ethics Review,” takes place on October 3 at 1:00 p.m. ET. CLC experts and guests will take a closer look at differences between ethics investigations and enforcement for Members of Congress in the House of Representatives and Senate and discuss the ways in which an Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) for the Senate could be established and implemented in order to increase accountability and public confidence in this legislative body.  

Campaign Legal Conversations seeks to embody that ethos by tackling problems facing our democracy and actively identifying solutions.  

Follow the latest updates on CLC’s Campaign Legal Conversations series.  

Janel is a Media Associate, Campaign Finance, Ethics at CLC.