Firing Attorney General Sessions is a Dangerous and Authoritarian Step

Black and white image of the White House

President Trump has fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who had been recused from matters related to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's ongoing investigations due to his involvement in the Trump election campaign. CLC President Trevor Potter released the following statement in response:

President Trump has fired Attorney General Sessions because of the President’s frustration that Sessions had recused himself from the Russia investigation, and therefore could not take charge, limit or end the work of Special Counsel Mueller. The President has expressed his views on Sessions, his recusal, and the ongoing investigation publicly and frequently.

This is a dangerous and authoritarian step, and threatens the rule of law. The President is seeking to control or influence an investigation into activities of his presidential campaign and some of its top officials – a number of whom have already been charged and convicted of criminal activities. The Special Counsel was appointed because of the President’s repeated attempts to interfere with the FBI and DOJ-led investigation. It is important that the DOJ’s law enforcement process remain independent of the political process. It is just as important as ever that Special Counsel Mueller be able to do his job and complete a thorough, independent investigation free from interference from the new pick for Attorney General or anyone else that reports to the President.”

Trevor is CLC's founder and one of the country's top election lawyers.