Compiling the Truth: A Resource to Refute the “Stolen Election” Lies

A row of I Voted stickers

Former President Trump’s lies that he won the 2020 election in a “sacred landslide,” and that the election was “stolen” from him, continues to be a cancer in our body politic – detrimental to our democracy in both the short-term and the long-term. 

Trump’s “Stop the Steal” narrative is being used as a justification to roll back access to voting across the nation. And because this false narrative has been repeated so often by Trump and amplified by national news media friendly to him and by his supporters on social media, significant numbers of Trump voters still believe it. 

It has also led to attempts by partisan actors to revisit certified state election results – as the Republican majority in the Arizona Senate is doing now after it hired an unqualified firm to do a non-professional "review" of the ballots in Arizona's largest county (which voted for Biden.) Similar partisan efforts are being proposed in other states, paid for by political funds. 

"...I find myself absolutely gobsmacked that today’s party is shaping itself around the Big Lie that Democrat Joe Biden did not win the 2020 election," wrote historian Heather Cox-Richardson in the April 18 installment of her blog. "This is a lie. There is no doubt that this is a lie. Trump or his surrogates filed and lost at least 63 lawsuits over the 2020 election, most of which were dropped for lack of evidence." 

Trump’s claims of a stolen election are lies. As such, CLC will continue to share the truth about the 2020 election, and about our election systems in general.