CLC Calls on Court to Ensure Uniform Voting Process for all Floridians with Financial Hardship

A row of voting booths outside along a brick wall

To avoid further confusion among voters, it is critical that Florida act with urgency to provide a uniform and straightforward process that gives all affected Floridians a chance to exercise their constitutional right to vote.

That is why on Oct. 25, 2019, Campaign Legal Center (CLC) filed a brief in federal court requesting that the court extend this relief to all Floridians who are otherwise eligible but are denied the right to vote solely because of their inability to pay.

In the decision, the court affirmed that wealth-based discrimination in voting is unconstitutional, and that the state must put in place a process by which otherwise eligible citizens who are genuinely unable to pay outstanding financial obligations may register and vote.

Class certification will ensure that these citizens are able to obtain meaningful relief from the state. 

With Florida’s presidential primary registration deadline fast approaching on February 18, there is no time to delay.