CLC Goes Door-to-Door in Alabama to Educate Voters with Past Convictions

CLC's Blair Bowie speaks to Alabama citizen about her voting rights
CLC's Blair Bowie speaks with Alabama citizen about her right to vote. Photo courtesy of Newsy.

Campaign Legal Center and the Southern Poverty Law Center have joined together to form the Alabama Voting Rights Project. The purpose of the Alabama Voting Rights Project is to re-enfranchise thousands of Alabamians who are eligible to register to vote or who are eligible to have their rights to vote restored by obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility to Register to Vote (CERV).

Through this project, we conduct outreach and provide assistance to Alabamians who have been convicted of certain felonies and are currently not registered to vote. A felony conviction does not necessarily disenfranchise you for life. Some Alabamians who have former convictions already have the right to vote — they just haven't been told.

Others may be eligible to have their right to vote restored by obtaining a CERV. The Alabama Voting Rights Projects conducts outreach across the state, identifies individuals affected by recent changes in voting laws and determines whether their voting rights were lost, how to restore them, and where to register to vote.

Watch this video, courtesy of Newsy, who followed CLC's Blair Bowie as she went door-to-door to meet with Alabamians.  

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